Ghoncheh Ghavami, 25, has been in solitary detention for 100 days for viewing a men’s volleyball match, and has undergone a hunger strike as a result.

Ghavami was at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium when she got arrested, while demonstrating – amongst others – that women should be granted entrance to watch the Iran versus Italy volleyball match.

She was arrested on June 20 and taken to the Evin Prison, which is infamous for the violent means with which they treat their detainees. Ghavami has been kept in solitary detention for the last 100 days, and henceforth decided that she will be going on a hunger strike. According to Kalame’s website, she has now been on a hunger strike for five days.

Ghavami’s mother, Sousan Moshtaghian, wrote a message on Facebook confirming that Ghavami is indeed on a hunger strike, and that she too will be participating in this protest.

“Finally yesterday I got to see my Ghoncheh. She said she could no longer tolerate her condition and as such has decided to go on hunger strike.

I too am not going to eat until such a time that my Ghoncheh breaks her hunger strike. My God, you are a witness to how I kept my silence for 82 days so my innocent girl comes back home safely. But now that her health and life are in danger I am not going to sit in silence. Please God, end this nightmare for me. Please give me strength to save and release my darling child.”

In Iran, women are prohibited from watching a number of male sports events, football and volleyball being two of them.