It’s that time of the year again! Apple is set to refresh our iPhones, iPads and iPods with tons of new features for us to play and dabble with. Tonight at 7:00 PM Cairo time, you will be able to download Apple’s newest mobile OS, iOS9 – the company’s largest update since iOS8 last year.

We’ve complied a list of everything you need to know in order to get yourself ready for tonight’s update.

Who gets iOS9?

  • iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, C, 6 and 6 Plus
  • iPad mini 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • iPad 3, 4, Air and Air 2
  • iPod Touch 5 and 6

You will need to have (at least) 1.3 GB of empty space on your phone. If you don’t, it’s time to do some spring cleaning. To make this as efficient as possible, go to Settings > General > Usage > Show All Apps in order to see what apps are taking up the most amount of space on your phone. From there, you can also delete any unnecessary apps.


Wednesday 16th of September 7:00 PM Cairo Time.

Keep in mind that as soon as it launches, millions of die-hard Apple users will be downloading the software, so it might be a little slow. It might be smart to wait a few hours, if not a day, after the release to download your new OS.


On any of the listed devices, go to Settings > General > System Updates, then click ‘Install Now’.

Our Favourite Features

These are features that will change the way you use your device on a daily basis.

A Whole New Notes!

Notes, probably the most used app on the iPhone already, now does a whole lot more thanks to the update. You can sketch on it, add pictures, format text, and create responsive checklists – where you can cross off items as you go along.


Notes iOS9


Apple is introducing a new News app which will bring together all your favourite publications in one place, so no more jumping between apps. They will also be making the news content a lot more interactive and user-friendly.

iCloud Drive

With iCloud Drive, you will be able to access all the files you’ve uploaded to iCloud in one place and across all your Apple devices. If you’re familiar with Google Drive and Dropbox, it’s pretty much the same thing.

iCloud Drive

Much Smarter Siri and Search

Now, Siri (Apple’s AI feature) will be able to search and cover a much wider range of information. Away from the usual commands of ‘Call…’, ‘Roll the Dice’, and ‘Set my alarm for,’ it can now do a lot more.

You can ask it for things like, ‘Show me photos from my last trip to Sinai’, or request that it set reminders for you, ‘Remind me to finish writing this e-mail when I get home’ while you’re in the middle of writing an email.

The search function has become a lot more intelligent; integrating Siri, so you can type questions out, asking it for match scores and schedules, weather, calculations and conversions, as well as being able to search inside your apps. In-app search means that if you have a cooking app installed and you’re looking for a recipe for shrimp fajitas, search will take you right to it.

Search iOS9

Better Battery Life

The new update is a lot more power-efficient, giving your device a minimum of an extra hour of battery life. Not to mention, Apple devices will now finally have a “Low Power” mode.

Passcodes are Changing

If your device has TouchID (Fingerprint) you will now be required to have a 6 digit password on your phone instead of four.

Major iPad Features

Slide Over and Split View

With Slide Over, you can now open an app without leaving the current one, allowing you to quickly send a text, tweet, or jot something down in notes with ultimate ease.

With Split View, you can go a step further and have two apps open and active at the same time. It also gives you the ability to copy & paste information, as well as do a few other things between the two apps.

Slide OverSplit View

Picture in Picture

With the new update, if you’re Facetime-ing or watching a video and you click the home button, it will scale down to the corner and you can carry on using the iPad with no interruption.

Picture in Picture iPad


If you want a full list of features check out the Apple website.