Egyptian cinema is so full of great work in all aspects of the film-making industry. This time, I’d like to revisit some of the best music scores in the Egyptian cinema.

– Omar Khayrat in E3dam Mayet

Khayrat is much more famous for his work in Adeyyet 3am Ahmad and Layelat El Qabd 3ala Fatma, but he actually composed some of the best scores in Egyptian cinema, such as this one. E3dam Mayet is the story of a traitor and a spy who switch roles in an operation run by the Egyptian intelligence. The film is directed by Aly Abd El Khalek.

– Rageh Dawood in Al Kitkat

Dawood is one of Egypt’s least known composers, yet one of its greatest. Though I’m not a big fan of all of his work, his score in Al Kit Kat is one of the best things that happened to Egyptian cinema (along with the film itself). This piece is all about the organs, the Oud and the strings. Atmospheric and mesmerizing.

– Yasser Abd El Rahman in Ayam El Sadat

Besides composing two of the most iconic pieces in Egyptian TV, namely El Doo’ El Shared and Al Mal Wa Al Banoon, Abd El Rahman also did some work in cinema. His score in Ayam El Sadat, which is the biography of the former Egyptian president Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, is probably his best. His most recent work was in Layelat El Baby Doll, which was nevertheless a great work.

– Mohamed Nouh in El Mohager

Yet another authentic Egyptian piece in El Mohager. Nouh worked a couple of times with Youssef Chahine but I find his work in El Mohager to be his best ever. El Mohager was banned and Chahine directed El Masir (which we also reviewed here) as a response to the ban.