Zombies among us, the degeneration of humanity, and decline of human interaction. We’ve all been called antisocial before for keeping our phones within eye distance and we’ve certainly seen or read posts shunning the use of phones by labeling it “a deterioration of humanity” or something along those lines.

But don’t you find it a bit ironic? Most of these posts go viral on online platforms. Take for example this oh-so-famous viral quote credited to Einstein with confident assertions like “the day he feared has arrived.”

einstein (1)
Sorry to tell you this but the quote is fabricated. And didn’t the person who liked/reblogged said picture use some kind of technological medium in the process? Do they agree that they’re idiots themselves?I mean we are now accustomed to the idea. Notifications on social networks or phones are generally almost always an imposing glaring RED. And being the social animals that we are, we get the unrelenting itch to check them as soon as they appears. It is, after all, a form of social interaction, albeit virtual. Yet, we downplay this aspect of social interaction in order to make the more popular evil technology argument.To me, it comes down to personal priorities. You could be chatting with a person and finding your conversation (in text form popping on a screen) infinitely more amusing than the people you are currently physically with. Maybe you’re a romantic sucker and can’t help missing your loved one. Maybe you’re an egomaniac checking your last post to see how many likes it got. Whatever your reason for picking up your phone is, it should be considered as your own idea of a priority. And, in a way, that is how we indirectly view it – the people you are physically with will feel like they are not your priority, hence the (reasonable) bitching.

The major flaw in our dependence on virtuality for socializing is a psychological one and it’s dangerous. No matter how honest or sincere you are, the virtual interactions create an invisible shield around you, falsely protecting you. We grow accustomed to the social easy way out; think break ups over texts, online feuds, and excessive use of hearts to show affection. And with time we get so comfortable in those interactions that we visualize our own world away from the Internet as “the outside world.” We differentiate between these two worlds as if they both have different consequences on ourselves. In crossing that line, we become dull, less alive – a true definition of a zombie behind the attention-seeking angst we show.

So are we zombies or humans interacting? I guess it’s up to the mindset you create. It’s a personal clash of a true self with a persona/avatar you can tamper with. In the end, it’s up to you to decide how you want to proceed. Either way, just click ‘like’ on this article so I can gloat about it later in the ahwa.