In a country like Egypt, where many are not keen to preserve the environment, it is difficult to start a recycling project and expect a great deal of engagement. GreenTec, however, managed to grab interest and spark a desire in people to go green.

GreenTec launched a machine in City Center, Alexandria that allows people to exchange empty bottles and cans with mobile phone credit. You put your bottles into the machine and receive a receipt with “eco-points.” Once you collect 50 of these, you can then ask for free credit from any mobile networking service in Egypt.

The company has set goals that they aim to accomplish in the near future. Some of these include helping business owners, households, and students make use of their waste in an environmental friendly way, spreading environmental awareness amongst all citizens, and enhancing Egypt’s economy through adding value to the waste no one pays enough attention to.

Check out their website and Facebook page  and take part in the new generation of recycling!