The holidays are well past over, and you’re back in the city. The problem isn’t with the city though, it’s with the way life works in the city. From school to college and then a job; family, bills, and all these piling responsibilities that seem endless. And now that you’re back from your vacation, you can’t help but feel like all these things you’re taking on are nothing but a burden, and instead you’re just left with these feelings of deflation and nostalgic sadness.

Truth is, a carefree world, tied with no obligations isn’t really possible. You can only take a vacation for so long, and you can’t stretch out your five days in Ras Shitan to a lifetime. Of course you can always move to Gouna and find a job there, but that’s not an option all of us have, or are willing to take and commit to.

Feeling blue isn’t necessarily such a bad thing though. You should take your post vacation depression as a warning sign that there’s something you’re unsatisfied with in your ordinary life, and use it to vamp up what was once a routine of life to something more spontaneous or interesting. A good vacation is a vacation in which you learn something new, whether it’s about the people around you, or a lifestyle you weren’t aware of before, or even something about yourself that you hadn’t known prior to the vacation.

So why stop there? Continue learning and discovering new people, new music, hidden places, or a new language. And use the things that you learn. If you danced every day of your vacation, then by all means, continue dancing. If you picked up a few words of a different language, then add on to that vocabulary and start formulating sentences. If you spent time traveling by yourself and enjoyed it, then dedicate some alone time to yourself.

Take up something new or join a class, do whatever it takes but don’t ignore the warning signs of the post vacation blues. If you let it gradually disappear, then all you’ll have is some memories to think of, and wasted opportunities to develop and grow.