Reservation Number: 02 25808430/ 02 25808431
Location: Conrad Cairo Hotel – 1191 Nile Corniche
Every Saturday, 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Price: 160 EGP ++ per person
Links: Website, Facebook, FB Event

Following the wonderful aromas into Conrad Cairo’s Kamala restaurant on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves mesmerized by the colorful array of Asian cuisine that awaited us.

Having barely made our way to our table, within minutes we had already lined up at the buffet enthusiastically filling our plates with a mountain of the heavenly food that was in front of us. The biggest issue we faced was deciding what to eat first, and which item we wanted seconds of – who are we kidding though, we went back for more of everything.


From the Glass Noodle salad to the Chicken Cashew Nut, every dish was bursting with a range of flavors that instantaneously got us hooked and somehow made us feel as though we were under a spell – one that we were more than happy to be under, for that matter.

As if having a buffet of mouthwatering Asian food wasn’t enough, the venue also exhibited Live Sushi and Satay (chicken, beef, or prawns) Stations, as well as a Dim-sum Station – or as we like to call them, pockets of sunshine.


After getting our hands on all the appetizers, main dishes, and desserts our stomachs could handle… we bid Kamala quite the dramatic farewell and left knowing one thing for certain – we have our Saturday lunches covered from here on out.