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If you are keeping up with our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts (IF YOU’RE NOT, DO SO NOW) then you would have noticed our new obsession with beanbags, specifically ones made by Ariika.

Since we stumbled upon Ariika a couple of weeks ago, we have been insanely in love with them.  Apparently, we are not the only ones either. Heineken, Emar, Google, and Coca Cola – to name but a few – are too.

Brands Ariika makes beanbags for

Ariika‘s beanbags come in a large variety of different designs, shapes, sizes, materials and up to 16 different colors. On top of all that, you can customize your beanbag to look however the hell you want it to.

Come Ramadan, Ramadanika arrived (their special edition Ramadan beanbag). You must check it out – a thumbs up for creativity. You should also follow the Ramadan Fawazeer where  they give out FREE BEANBAGS every other day!

Ramadanika by Ariika beanbags

After Ramadanika,  we decided we want beanbags! Ariika beanbags! So, we got some. Check out the love Ariika gave us:

Prime beanbag by Ariika 

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