Recent media reports have been shedding light on the mistakenly convicted four-year-old Ahmed Mansour, a young Egyptian boy who was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment on four counts of murder.

Mansour was also charged with eight counts of attempted murder, vandalism, and threatening police, crimes that were allegedly committed in January 2014, at which time the boy would have almost been two years old.

Following a west Cairo military court’s sentencing of the four-year-old to life imprisonment last week, alongside 116 others, the boy’s father recently appeared on local broadcast channel DreamTV, with his son sleeping in his lap, recounting the incident since it first happened two years ago.

According to Mansour (the father), police came to their home looking for his son, but after realizing that the boy was only a toddler, they detained the father instead.

Mansour was detained for four months, until he appeared in front of a judge who, after having obtained the young boy’s birth certificate, released the father without bail.

Two years later, however, the child’s name was still on a list of accused persons.

The four-year-old’s lawyer, Eid Sayed, said that a mistake was made during investigations, and that they are currently in the legal process of demanding a retrial and removing the young boy’s name from the list.

An interior ministry spokesman by the name of Abu-Bakr Abdel-Karim also said there was a mistake in the name of the defendant, and that the child’s uncle, is actually the one who is wanted by the police.

It currently remains unclear as to whether the young boy’s name will be removed from the list and acquitted of all the charges put against him, or not.

*This article has been updated with new information gathered from Ahram Online and Egyptian Streets