Name: Elon Reeve Musk
Born (year): June 28, 1971
Born (Place): Pretoria, South Africa
Education: Queen’s University & University of Pennsylvania
Net Worth: $12.4 billion

Among all the names that could be given to Elon Musk, ‘The next step for humanity’ comes to mind. I really don’t mean to over-compliment the man when I say that he, single-handedly, is taking humanity to its next step of evolution.

Where do I start?  I guess from the very beginning would be a good place. Let me just say that he’s the person who revolutionized the way money is transferred around the world by creating PayPal, making him the greatest rival to mailed cheques, bank transfers, and eBay.

You’d think someone who created a company like PayPal and sold it for a huge sum of money to eBay would retire happily on a private island and live the rest of his life as a king… but no.

Elon Musk has proved time and time again that his main aim is to make life better on our planet – and other planets (I’ll get to that later).

So, instead of living like a king on an island, Musk chose to invest his huge buyout fund in three companies he saw as his vision of the future: SolarCity, Tesla Motors, and Space X.



One of Musk’s greatest dreams is to rid the world of its dependence on fossil fuel. SolarCity was one of the projects completely funded by Musk’s personal bank account and managed by his family. The company’s main aim is to provide clean, efficient, and renewable energy production.

SolarCity has become the largest solar panel installation facility in the Unites States (US) – or possibly the world. Some of the largest corporate owned buildings are currently powered by SolarCity, for example eBay, Google, and Honda.

 Tesla Motors


Out of all Musk’s investments, Tesla turned out to be one the greatest success stories he has to tell. After all possible obstacles, Tesla is now the greatest electric car manufacturer the world has to offer.

From humble beginnings to great achievements, the Tesla story is full of corporate espionage, close calls with bankruptcy, media altercations, and political disputes.

Other than the genius behind the design and the general struggle of bringing Tesla to life, the company had actually reached a point where the only option available for its survival was for Elon Musk to pour the rest of his personal funds into fixing its financial status.

Despite everyone advising him against it, Musk emptied out his piggy bank for the sake of Tesla’s survival, and contrary to everyone’s predictions, Tesla grew to be one of the greatest car manufacturers ever.

Space X (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation)


When I said earlier that Elon Musk is single-handedly revolutionizing humanity’s progress, I had Space X in mind as his greatest tool to do just that.

Musk invested the largest sum of his funds into Space X when he saw that no actual progress was made to space travel in the past decade, and that all space travel programs around the world are government-owned.

Space X’s main aim is to commercialize space travel to an extent where Mars colonization is possible. The first milestone has already been achieved by creating a retractable space rocket that can be reused.

Space X also had its setbacks and failures. Nevertheless, the project paved its own way to the top of all space travel programs.

Space X’s main accomplishments are:

  • First private-funded space program to send a space shuttle to the International Space Station (ISS).
  • First space program to successfully launch, orbit, and retract all of the rocket parts for reuse.

What makes Elon Musk a genius is not his entrepreneurial risk-taking, but the fact that he studies every single book possible concerning his investments. For example, before investing in Space X, Musk actually taught himself about rocket science and quizzed his employees in order to learn and know everything there was to learn and know.

The reason why we compare him to Nikola Tesla is because we believe he’ll be taking the world to its next phase, much like Tesla did with electricity.

The world as we know it today wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for Tesla’s inventions and discoveries, such as the alternating current (AC) and the laser.

One of Tesla’s main aims was to provide totally portable power, which Musk has been able to achieve through one of his secondary projects dubbed Powerwall.

For more explanation on the technology, just watch the video below.

It’s no surprise that Elon Musk named his main company after his biggest Idol – Tesla.