If you were wondering whether you’re constantly feeling down because you live in Egypt or whether you’re making excuses for this engulfing depression taking over your life, then we have the answer for you.

Good news is, it’s not your fault. It’s not your parents’ fault either, or the fault of the reckless drivers in our streets.

According to a research done by Gallup, Inc., the average individual in Egypt (assuming that there’s an average in a country so diverse in its population) stands on the bottom of the Cantril Ladder on a scale from 1 to 10. The Cantril Ladder is a measurement of the best possible life for you. I don’t think anyone could go denying that either seeing that it’s easily reflected on each person’s face if you take a walk down any street.

Most Egyptians said that their lives have worsened over the past five years, and that they don’t see it getting any better within the next five years either.

Without reading the report any further, you can probably already guess what the sources of unhappiness are. The economy’s deteriorating, crime rates are getting higher, jobs are scarce, and no one’s doing anything about the educational sector.

Unfortunately, most of us feel like the solution is to run away from Egypt, which kind of plays with the concept of the brain drain phenomenon; where the educated people leave their home country to find better opportunities elsewhere, resulting with the country lacking in bright minds.

Don’t worry though, this isn’t a sad ending to a sad story. According to the report, what Egyptians are generally happier about is their personal lives and their religious beliefs, health being a close runner up of the two.

So cheers to that.