After the record breaking of the world’s greatest number of participants gathered in an underwater clean up in one venue, the world’s biggest foul platter, and the world’s biggest koshari, the Guinness World Records judges were back in Egypt, on the 26th of June, this time for the longest line of tables. Along the corniche of the Alexandria coast, Radioactive (Egypt) lined 3,106 tables for iftar and achieved a new world record with a table length of  4,303 meters!

The Radioactive team decided to make the most out of the Mawa2ed Ra7man tradition of the Holy Month to shed light on the under-celebrated, beautiful Mediterranean coast of  Alexandria. The event was supported by the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports and attended by hundreds from all over the country who arrived to Alexandria to witness the historical event. 

We know this will not be the last record breaking event, and that Guinness World Records will be hearing much more of us! Egyptians love them some record breaking, you know.

الجزء الثالث من الصور .. بعض الاماكن اللي أتوفر فيها وجبات بطريقة كويسة

Posted by ‎Longest Line Of Tables – أطول مائدة فى العالم‎ on Monday, June 29, 2015