Apparently Digital drugs are the new stuff out there users are ‘blasting’. Now this is not just the new acclaimed high, but it is also being marketed for orgasm stimulation, psychotherapy purposes, and focus boosting.

The so-called ‘i-Doser’ fixes are trafficked online in different doses of mp3 files. The supplier describes a set of instructions that a user should follow while listening to the different wavelengths and sounds to get the optimum trip.

According to, the first case to surface in the region was in Lebanon. Joseph Hawat, head of the rehab center ‘Jad’ said that two parents came to the center about their two sons spending a lot of time in their rooms listening to ‘weird music’ as their bodies shudder thereafter.

Although YouTube is overflowing with videos of people recording while on the drugs, several bloggers are calling it out as a hoax. Then again, the online article claims that the drugs cannot substitute for the mainstream drugs that involve chemical stimuli, which makes it a threat dragging in clean partakers if it is actually legit.

Seeing that it’s a new phenomenon, there aren’t many credible explanatory videos. Hoax or not, we found that those recordings of the claimed effect of an i-Doser funny.