Walking into Conrad Cairo’s Oak Grill, we were greeted with the most provocative aroma of slow-cooked, heart-warming steak, and it took us a while to calm our stimulated appetites.  At a place that smells so good and as comfortable as this, one can hardly stick to one’s plate. Curiosity could lead you on to the most delicious planes, so we involuntarily found ourselves sharing our food.

Smoked Salmon Salad

We were started off with an entrée of Lobster resting on Rocca and Lettuce leaves, a Chicken Caesar Salad, and a Smoked Salmon Salad. The lobster was a little dry but you could smell the sea as it meets your taste buds. It was too fresh for common sense, and so was the salmon. That redolence of the salt and sugar that groomed the salmon was nothing short of delightful. Even the caesar salad was brought to a whole different level. I tell you, Caesar himself would’ve been proud.

Tenderloin Steak

For the main course, we had a beautiful Tenderloin Steak, cooked medium-well, and mounted on this Basbusa dough. Sounds weird, but that dough was surprisingly the call of perfection to that steak. Who knew Basbusa and steak could do so well together! Little sneaky Basbusa.

Creme Brûlée

Our night was wrapped up with a Chocolate Fudge Cake sided with fresh strawberries, and creme brûlée sided with yummy raspberry sauce. Now you’d think I’m exaggerating to say that was the most awe-inspiring desert I have ever had in my life, but I would like to tell you that the manager of the hotel was coincidently sitting in the table right behind us and was so pleased to hear us foodgasming on his mother’s recipe of the creme brûlée.

Oak Grill is definitely the perfect place for a special date or celebratory outing.