Are you starting to get chilly yet? Feel like snuggling in a warm sofa and a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, watching the rain? Well we won’t have that for long since we might be running short of chocolate! This planet is getting more annoying by the minute, I tell you.

Here’s what happened – The amount we, humans, produce to the amount we want to consume of chocolate is off by one million metric tons, according to Mars Inc. and Barry Callebaut AG.

It does not stop there.

Due to disease hitting cocoa trees, drought, cocoa-growing’s replacement with more productive crops, “is expected to outstrip supply by an additional 1 million tons every decade for the foreseeable future,” according to Mark Schatzker of Bloomberg. He further illustrates the problem by comparing the quality and availability of chocolate to beer at the beginning of its “journey” being “very loved and very common…to being very loved and a good deal less common, like Bordeaux.” Let alone climate change, and all the global warming hassle that we all know will cause dry seasons and consequently a decrease in cocoa-growing areas.

Meanwhile, scientists are trying to produce new breeds. There still is hope for us addicts. We could always smuggle cocoa though, right?