Although the name might not imply it at first glance, launches as the first search engine for possible career opportunities and jobs in Egypt. Founded by entrepreneur Karim Halwany in 2014, Cantalop aims to tackle the unemployment issue in Egypt.

“It is a shame that Egypt has so much potential and the best calibers in the world yet we don’t have a proper channel where jobseekers can go online and search all jobs in one place with just one click. That’s when it hit me. We promise our users the most unforgettable job search experience,” Halawany explained to us.

When we asked how the start-up works, Halawany explained that “the way it works is very simple. Jobseekers can simply login to our website, enter the job title, employer or keywords he/she is looking for in the ‘WHAT’ field and then click search. In a few seconds our job search engine will enlist all jobs in Egypt with the relevant matches. Users can also be notified if any job opening of their preference becomes available in the future.”



As the first search engine for jobs in Egypt, Cantalop differentiates itself from any other search engine for that main purpose. “With jobs being only sourced from corporate websites, Cantalop is a far better experience for job seekers because the jobs are always real and always current; our search engine is auto updated daily,” Halawany explained to Prime. “We are very concerned about our candidate’s job search experience, in addition to connecting candidates directly with Employers.”

With a colorful and user-friendly interface, Cantalop makes a job hunt much more appealing.

You can search any job within your preferred location in Egypt straight from the homepage.

If you are searching for a particular company, job, or industry you can check their ‘Browse Jobs’ tab.
If you are searching for a particular company, job, or industry you can check their ‘Browse Jobs’ tab.
You can even sign up and link you Linkedin account with Cantalop.

With 80,000 page views and over 10,000 Facebook fans, the start-up seems very promising. Halawany is optimistic about its expansion and sees an Apple and Andriod application in Cantalop’s future. Halawany also adds that they “are also developing a blog that will contain all popular and widely shared career and interview tips, career insights, and anything else that can help job seekers land their dream jobs.”

As a self funded project, Halawany plans to seek investors and more companies to get onboard with this search engine. When we asked how Cantalop will expand, Halawany said “although at this stage we do have the knowledge and the capability to list all jobs worldwide, we chose only to focus on the Egyptian market and build our credibility and brand equity from here and hopefully when it works we can expand regionally and then globally.”

It is always a pleasure to hear of any and all projects that aim to target certain issues in Egypt. Indeed, the future looks bright for Cantalop.



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