Gaby’s (closing in on 157 likes): Winning the Prime Hunt two hunts in a row! Gaby’s is definitely deserving of this title with a very creative – and healthy – salad. Gaby’s Quinoa Salad was filled with grilled chicken, balsamic vinegar, quinoa, and an assortment of delicious veggies. Fresh and filling, this salad was definitely a favorite!

Gaby's Salad, Get Fed

Dal Forno (closing in on 120 likes): One of my personal favorites, a creative potato salad with delicious cut up green apples covered in Dal Forno’s special dressing. Maybe not so much on the healthy side but you will definitely be satisfied with this salad selection.

Dal Forno Salad

Sattva Steps (closing in on 109 likes): Personally, I think this salad was one of the most creative that I’ve come across. Filled with so many fruits and various sweet and sour flavors, you come across so many different tastes to the extent that you won’t know what you’re tasting. I definitely loved this salad and recommend it to everyone who doesn’t mind having a rainbow of fruits and veggies in their salad. The duck was also cooked perfectly so you get a little kick amidst the fruity fiesta.

Sattva Steps

Coritgiano (closing in on 92 likes): The legendary Cortigiano salad has always been a recommended salad for all. Filled with cheese, shrimps, and anchovies you get a yummy array of flavors.

Cortigiano Salad

Crave (81 likes): I’m disappointed that this salad didn’t do as well because for me it should have definitely been one of the Top 4. With pineapples and a coleslaw-like interior in the salad it was both sweet and refreshing. Crave did not disappoint.

Crave Salad

Grind (72 likes): Grind’s salads are very underrated. I feel like they would do well if more people would go to the restaurant (located in Mall of Arabia in 6th of October) and try them. The seafood salad was really good, and filled with a generous amount of salmon.

Grind Salad