Living in Cairo, it almost becomes a challenge not to have your wallet emptied out by the end of the day. From transportation fees to midday snacks to the cigarettes you end up reluctantly buying from the kiosk…

Well, in order to avoid awkwardly walking in to a restaurant, quickly scanning the menu and walking back out again, here’s a list of Asian dining spots that are both delicious and filling on those days you’re helplessly broke and hungry.


1. Al Azhar Uyghur Restaurant

This restaurant is founded by Chinese Al Azhar students and located right by the Al Azhar University dorms in Abbasiya. It doesn’t really have an official name and is tough to find, but still definitely a treasure worth finding. The food there is cheap, fresh, and most importantly, delicious. Most of the dishes are under 30 EGP (including their beef dishes and their soups) which you pick out of a photo album rather than a menu. Also, each table gets a big jug of hot tea upon arrival as part of the meal.


2. Mutiara


Mutiara is a Malaysian restaurant located in one of the less busy streets of Nasr City. Although the size and appearance of the venue doesn’t evoke much excitement, the food will leave you with a different impression. Their dishes range from soups to rice and vegetables, beef, chicken – all pretty much under the cost of 20 EGP.


3. Genghis Khan


Genghis Khan serves Mongolian food and alcohol. Their portions are huge for such cheap prices, and you can get appetizers, soup, a main dish and a drink without having to sell an arm and a leg. The waiters there are friendly enough to listen to your preferences if you want to modify your dish.


4. Joy Luck Chinese Restaurant

Another Chinese restaurant, this time located in Maadi with an extensive menu in which you’re bound to find something new to try – such as fried peanut. I mean, when was the last time you ever tried to fry a peanut? Their portions are large and reasonably priced, and their steamed dumplings are hot enough to keep you warm this winter.


5. Panda House

At the food court and not sure which way to turn? Well, Panda House offers a delicious meal which is reasonably priced in comparison to all the other options that might sell for the same price but will not fill you up. While this one might not be as cheap as the other Asian restaurant options in this list, if you’re stuck in the mall it definitely serves as the go-to place.


6. Gaya

Gaya is a Korean restaurant in Maadi fully staffed with Korean cooks. The cuisine is mainly Korean, but you’ll also find Japanese and Chinese food in the menu, and yes, sushi is definitely included. The food is cheap and you’ll find a various amount to satisfy your taste buds. Wine and beer are also available to be provided with your meal.


7. Asian Wok

All the Heliopolis folks are probably wondering why this list doesn’t really work in their favor. Well don’t worry, it does. Asian Wok serves a Chinese menu with a variety of options to check out, as well as a sushi menu. There’s also fried ice cream which you should definitely get a taste of.