Brandon Stanton’s photo blog ‘Humans of New York’ created such a big impact on the virtual world that the UN is now hosting him on a world tour to visit 10 different countries. Brandon expresses that this world Tour is an opportunity for him to “listen to as many people as possible” from “faraway places.”

One of the countries Brandon was visiting is Iraq, in which there were bombings during the time he spent there. Brandon took this as an opportunity to post quotations from the civilians of Dohuk, as well as other areas in Iraq, that draw attention to the sort of lives that civilians undergoing war lead.

The purpose of this trip is to bring attention to the eight Millennium Development Goals that the UN is working on accomplishing by 2015, some of which include ending extreme poverty and world hunger, and providing education for children.

Brandon “[hopes that] this trip may in some way help to inspire a global perspective, while bringing awareness to the challenges that we need to tackle together.”

Humans of New York (HONY) is a photo blog and Facebook page run by Brandon Stanton, who captures images of random people in the streets of New York City and posts a snippet of the conversation he had with the person being photographed. The snippets are usually about the dreams, ideas, disappointments, fears and opinions of the person being photographed… sometimes it’s about a loved one, or a simple one-liner that can give away the entire ethos of a person.


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