Many of us have frowned upon Birell’s constant use of the word Estargel, and their objectifying of women. Their vulgarity however does not end, and this just recently happened on their Facebook page.

فُكك من لون الفستان، المهم اللي لابسة الفستان! #إسترجل

Posted by Birellman on Sunday, 1 March 2015

Let’s ignore that the white-gold dress craze is a bit outdated. Apparently 3ashan testargel 3ala ra2y Birell you should be a pervert who fantasizes about not what the color of the dress is, but about what’s under the dress. This post is full of sexual intentions where we don’t need it, and promotes harassment which already exists in every street of Cairo.

Let’s look at another one of their posts

خلي السكيني لمايسة يا حبيبي #إسترجل

Posted by Birellman on Monday, 23 March 2015


Wearing skinny jeans makes you a woman, according to Birell. As if Egypt doesn’t need more reasons to prejudice against men who like to dress in whatever makes them comfortable. As if Egypt doesn’t need more people to tell them what to wear and what not to wear in order to be accepted as a MAN. And as if Egypt doesn’t need more reasons to degrade a woman for what she decides to wear or do with her body.

Birell has a poor example of advertising which only encourages young men to be sexist and intolerant. You don’t reach out to your audience by being vulgar, sexist, and homophobic.


Funny thing is, Birell is basically non alcoholic beer. You drink it instead of beer so that it’s not 7aram… Then why ruin that by objectifying women and sexualising them? Birell promotes non-alcoholic drinks, but also tells you it’s okay to sexualize women.

Regardless of whether these ads are intended as a joke or not, they depict reality in Egypt, which in turn only encourages sexism even more.