As February comes to a close, most of us find ourselves reevaluating our new year’s resolutions. Moving past the fantastical period, we try to find a balance between ideal and feasible choices to make this year.

With the uncertainties that come with the New Year 0 with each new day really – we’d like to remind you of some things that blissfully stay the same. Thus we compiled a list of our favorite moments in gangster movies from the previous years that ground us. They also remind us of days when we didn’t have many responsibilities nor did we have to work so hard at life. ‘Nuff said.

Pulp Fiction

Tarantino’s masterpiece. The very well known Hamburger Scene with Samuel L. Jackson’s iconic speech.



The scene commonly known as Face to Face is the first scene in the whole movie where Robert and Al actually meet and have a conversation after spending the first hour and half of the film playing hide and seek. One of the best confrontational scenes in the history of film.


Tony Montana goes nuts in one of the most iconic scenes in history. I don’t think the scene was just the gunfire but also a final manifestation of Tony’s flawed personality.

Once Upon a Time in America

It’s time to give Joe Pesci some credit for his long career with the mobs. Once Upon a Time in America is one of the less known yet the most realistic and dramatic featuring young De Niro and James Woods.

Miller’s Crossing

Yet another one of the less known mob movies. The following scene is probably the most epic shootout ever. You sure can’t hit Albert Finney.

Moving on to more recent ones…

Killing Them Softly

Hardcore Brad Pitt gives us a little speech about his own philosophy of America in the ending scene if Killing Them Softly (even though the whole film had nothing to do with these last few lines. Or maybe it did). America is Business:


American Gangster

Denzel shows us live how business is done in cold blood. The film is based on the true story of Frank Lupas, a major heroin smuggler from Manhattan. Somebody or Nobody:


After a long chase throughout the movie, George finally realizes the truth about what he’s done. Based on the true story of George Jung; a major cocaine dealer, Blow is so full of so many types of anger, greed, and drama:

The Departed

A cop working undercover and a mole in the police. Both sides race to take each other down:

The Town

Ben Affleck’s awesome direction. The Town is Heat’s soul mate. Affleck tries to go clean, but that’s a little bit hard in a town where bank robbery is a career.