AUC Student Union president Nadine Hosni and vice president Hasballah Kafrawy blew the cover on the AUC’s IRS financial statement depicting that the university is actually making profit, and not on budget deficit like it has been claiming since the fiscal year of 2012.

On the 19th of March, 2015 the AUC Student Union of 2014/2015 held a Union General Meeting to which all of the AUC community was invited-including students, staff, and faculty members-and in which the university’s financial statements were presented and explained before the resolution of proposing a bill to withdraw confidence from Lisa Anderson’s Administration.

Thereafter, the AUC administration has had a couple of reactions. First the administration sent a notice announcing the end of the deficit, and then they stated that the university had a surplus in the year 2012/2013.

Taher El-Moataz Bellah, the SU president of that year, had an exclaimed reaction to the latter on his personal Facebook profile saying, “So you are saying that the surplus in 2013 was only due to the fact that the fiscal year was ten months instead of 12 ? So you are saying that those last couple of months saved you 15 million dollars?! I was the SU president and in a meeting with Brian Mcdougal the vice president in may April 2013 before the end of the fiscal year by two months he said year 2012/2013 will end up in a deficit of 2 million dollars!! No one ever mentioned the surplus. Why is this info just released now ? Why haven’t you mentioned the surplus earlier ? Instead you said that the agreement has caysed you a lot of trouble and my successor Ahmed Atalla SU president for the year 2013/2014 can talk better about the following year.” 

The hashtag #WeAreStakeholders went viral amongst students this past week, and Hosni emphasized the importance of the idea that students, faculty, and staff are all stakeholders, and that they “have every right to be incorporated into the decision making process of the administration because after all we [stakeholders] are always the victims of such decisions.”

There have been campaigns, marches, and a form of disobedience taking place on campus since the UGM, and finally, a referendum about the current AUC administration will be taking place tomorrow, the 25th of March, at 1:00 pm in the Plaza.

Everyone is at the edge of their seats waiting to see if the AUC community backed by the SU will actually be able to withdraw confidence from the administration, given that for once, the movement against the administration features the entirety of the AUC community and the administration stands alone.

Check out the SU’s Facebook page to follow through with what’s going on.