Accessories made in the A R of E (Arab Republic of Egypt)

Everybody knows the phrase “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” What Miss Monroe failed to express in that ever-so-famous quote is that girls’ best friends are accessories in general – but I guess it’s not quite as catchy to say “diamonds and bags and shoes and jewelry and stuff are a girl’s best friend.” The thing about accessories is that they really can make or break an outfit and they usually make a nice gift to give to your loved ones. So if you need a guide for Cairo’s most beautiful designs, look no further! This is the one-stop blog to save all the girls out there from going out in ugly or boring outfits (whether you’re the girl in question or a concerned friend/boyfriend/family member trying to help). Read on to learn more about Cairo’s talented designers and what their collections have to offer!



Marie-France Lakah launched her namesake brand just a few months ago but it’s already making waves in Cairo’s fashion scene. Most recently, one of ByMFL’s pieces was featured in Vodafone’s latest TV commercial. This concept makes every girl’s dream come true by bringing together the fashionable and the easy-to-wear to produce cute and unique pieces.

Although MFL has only released a few clutches, these designs are fresh, innovative, and most importantly, mostly sold out! We’re all waiting with great anticipation for ByMFL’s “Bowtiful” collection, which will hopefully continue to provide Cairo’s girls with great statement pieces to pull together any and all outfits.

byMFL in the new Vodafone ad


J’s Designs

If you haven’t heard about J’s Designs yet, you might as well have been living under a rock for the past two years. Between being featured in magazines such as Enigma and Prime Magazine, the fashion blog Sans Retouches, and even the Bijorhca Eclat De Mode exhibition in Paris, J’s Designs has simply become impossible to ignore. Founded by Jude Benhalim two years ago, J’s Designs is inspired by the region’s oriental heritage, accentuated with a modern touch to suit our current fashion needs. J’s has already been a massive success, with each collection more innovative and crowd-pleasing than the one before it, but you can never get enough compliments or publicity, right? Although J’s doesn’t have a store, the J’s Designs Facebook page showcases all of the brand’s pieces with pictures and descriptions. Whether you’re looking for a statement necklace or a simple, yet different bracelet, J’s has what you need.


Dido Embaby

It’s great to shop for ready-made pieces, but I’m sure you’ve all experienced the frustration of wanting something very specific and not finding it anywhere. Dido Embaby created his Custom Made Calligraphy & Silver Jewelry business to solve this common problem. This business is perfect for anybody with a unique and artistic mind without having the same skills to actually create what they want.  So if you’ve ever imagined an elaborate drawing and ended up with a stick figure when you tried to draw it, let Dido save you. With Dido Embaby’s designs, you can personalize any piece of jewelry and leave the rest to the designers to bring your ideas to life. For the most part, their pieces scream “Egyptian heritage,” especially the pieces featuring the “3ein 7asoud” and “kaf,” but even without these Arab symbols, the beautiful calligraphy is enough to remind us of our heritage. Since the whole point of Dido’s business is to give customers what they want, you can choose from virtually any accessory to brighten up with his calligraphy designs. You can customize a keychain, necklace, or a double ring to fit your taste and personality, and you can even liven up a boring clutch by labeling it with your name in silver calligraphy. Next time you’re looking for a specific piece or idea, save yourself the trouble and the hassle of the wild goose chase and call up Dido for a high-quality rendition of the design you have in mind.



We all want someone to take care of us and spoil us rotten, don’t we? Nathalie Banoub and Farah Radwan know this all too well, so they chose the very fitting name “Jali” (Swahili for “care”) for their business/charity project. And take care of you they will! Just like the business name, the theme of Jali’s pieces is African culture with a modern touch. Egyptians definitely aren’t connected enough to the African part of their culture so buying pieces from this business is a great – not to mention stylish – place to start! As if their innovative theme and stylish designs weren’t enough, Farah and Nathalie donate a portion of their profits to various charity cases and projects. The only thing better than being stylish is doing it for a good cause, right? I don’t know  about you guys, but I’m  sold.





The name “Yokiis” isn’t the only distinctive feature of this accessories and clothing brand. With Rawya Abdel-Warith as the talented brains of the operation, Yokiis has brought to Cairo a special collection of clothes and jewelry inspired by graffiti and a drive to be different. And different it is! By using a variety of materials, colors, and styles, Yokiis has put itself and its founder, Rawya, on the map as refreshingly different. We’re definitely keeping an eye on Yokiis – this is one brand that will change the world of fashion and accessories in Cairo!


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Dido Embaby:


Info collected by: Nour Soliman
Written by: Salma El Saed