1. The over-enthusiastic father who has his toddler on his lap while he drives. Your son is cute and all but we don’t want to see him on the road.


2. The mo7agaba who isn’t confident enough in her driving abilities, so she has her phone inside her 7egab to keep both hands on the wheel and her focus (almost) fully on the road.


3. The gedo who’s completely unaware of his surrounding. He typically drives a car older than he is and, at this point, the yellow is a faded labany color, there are no side mirrors, the windows are jammed between half shut and half open and the car doesn’t go faster than 20 km/hour. Conveniently, he drives right in the middle of the road and does not respond to honking.


4. The driver eli mezabatna. He’ll get you from Heliopolis to Zamalek in less than 30 minutes or from Cairo to Marina in 2 hours. Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen.


5. Sawa2 el microbus eli mesh shaghal asasan. In his eyes, he’s always right, even when he’s forcing his way, 3aks el etegah, through a one-lane street.


6. The one who is dying to show off his pimped out car and speeds up as soon as he sees a cute girl. He eventually ends up looking like an idiot when he tries to do a badass move but gets stuck behind the previously mentioned gedo.


7. The girl who’s driving her 6 friends from the hairdresser to Risas for girls’ night out. She ends up almost crashing her car half a dozen times because she’s too busy taking selfies and singing Drunk in Love.