With our beloved and most anticipated food festival heading our way April 15 and 16 (yes Cairo Bites, we mean you), we decided to put together a brief list of the top 7 things we absolutely love about food festivals.

Some of the items are undoubtedly no brainers, but we felt as though they just had to be included. So without further ado, here are some of the best parts about food festivals:

The Food

April 9

This one is definitely a no brainer! Obviously the absolute best part of any food festival, or food-related event for that matter, is the food!

Food is absolutely beautiful… we all love to eat good food, and when you’re surrounded by food right and left, we’re quite sure we’re not alone in saying that it almost feels like we’re pretty much in heaven.

The Atmosphere


There’s a certain atmosphere to festivals in general, but when it’s a food festival, it’s just got that much more of a spice to it (pun intended).

There’s just something about the atmosphere that makes it all the more enjoyable… food unifies us. We reckon that maybe, just maybe, food could be the secret to world peace.

The Diversity


Sandwiches to your left, pasta to your right, and koshary right behind ya… meanwhile, there’s a Mexican vendor merely 10 steps away, and a Greek one right across from it.

It’s basically like travelling the world through food… what could be better than that? The only problem is the indecision on what to eat… who are we kidding, we’ll have it all!

The People


Part of the reason why food festivals have such a joyful atmosphere is definitely a result of the crowd. Everyone who’s there shares a love of food, as well as having a beautiful day out with friends and family… ultimately, that just means everyone’s happy – which means positive energy all around, and maybe even making new friends while waiting in line for your burger.

The Special Events


Competitions, cook-offs, live cooking shows… it’s like they’re making up for all of us stuffing our faces by having us burn off the calories in a fierce competition of ‘who can eat the most hot dogs in 5 minutes’… wait, that doesn’t sound right. Whatever, count us in!

The Entertainment


To top it all off, we get to enjoy eating delicious food whilst listening to some really cool tunes in the background.

At the end of the day, we can just kick back, relax with our friends, and sing along to the wonderful live bands performing on stage. Is this the meaning of life? It just might be…

The Venues


The best part about food festivals (and especially with Cairo Bites), are the refreshingly beautiful outdoors venues they take place in.

Greenery and fresh air… it’s like a 2-day long picnic with a never ending supply of food – and there’s a little something for everyone. Friends can chill together on the grass, and adults can gather around a picnic table while their kids run around in the sunshine.

If this list hasn’t got you excited yet, then we don’t know what will (honestly, you might need to get that checked out)… Come on Cairo Bites – so close, yet so far. We’ll go stuff our faces now for preparation.

Images courtesy of Cairo Bites, taken at last year’s event.