Life is composed of rounds of ups and downs, as you may well have noticed 20 or so years into your life. You might have also come to realize that only a few things make those rounds bearable: real friends, a good sense of humor, and some fresh Cinnabons.
All those times a Cinnabon has been there for you…

1) Breakups
That day when you’ve driven home in tears after a messy breakup and you passed by Cinnabon and picked up the creamiest, chocolatey-iest bun because you know that it’ll comfort you without rubbing it in your face, or telling you that you’ll just have to suck it up cause he ain’t worth it.

2) Stressful Days
Cinnabon understands. When you’ve been slaving away all day for your assholes of employers, you know all you need is a chunk of sweet, yummy, squishy pastry to restore your faith in this world.

3) Family gatherings
Zoning out and all that jazz. Between all the ‘are you staying single forever?’ conversations, and the ‘your cousin just landed an epic job!’ insinuations, you will be sitting there nodding your head as your mind processes the epicness of that Cinnabon bun.

4) Fun outings

A cool morning outing with friends get sweeter with those bites of heaven.

5) Cravings
13142970 Nothing could shut your sugar craving up like a big pecan Cinnabon covered in caramel.

6) Birthdays
Now that we know that Cinnabon make those gigantic rolls, I speak for myself when I say that I’ll be waiting for nothing less on my next birthday!

7) Making up
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Show up with a Cinnabon and they’ll have to forgive you no matter how mad they are. If they don’t, well, you’ll have your Cinnabon.