Not everyone enjoys doing reps and sets of weights at the gym, or hopping from machine to machine, unsure as to whether they’re even doing it right. Unfortunately, the joy that some people experience at the gym is not shared among most of us.

In that retrospect, we have compiled a list of fitness classes in Cairo as an alternative to the gym. You’re bound to enjoy at least one of them.

1. Zumba @ Curves Gym


The cool thing about Zumba is that it’s basically a dance party that will get you fit. It consists of low-intensity and high-intensity moves that will tone your muscles and help improve your stamina and flexibility. You might also pick up a couple of dancing moves from there that you can use to show off later when you’re out clubbing.

2. Pole Dancing @ Pole Fit Egypt



It takes a lot of strength to be able to lift and balance yourself on a pole without wavering. And that is exactly what Pole Fit teaches you. Pole Fit incorporates both exercise and dance through the means of pole dancing. This is great for muscle tone and flexibility, and will definitely not bore you.

3. Yoga @ Ashtanga Yoga Cairo


There’s a reason why yoga is becoming a trend. It not only gives you a peace of mind, but also a stronger, leaner, and more flexible body. Ashtanga Yoga is a yoga center that adjusts to the needs of the individual student rather than the entire group. There are morning and evening classes, as well as couple yoga sessions – for beginners and advanced students.


4. Self Defense @ The Louchy Martial Arts Center


Muay Thai, Akido, boxing, kickboxing, Taekwondo, Kong Fu – you name it. The Louchy Martial Arts Center in Nasr City offers all these classes in their Cobone Self Defense programs. They teach self-defense skills and techniques to prepare you for any attack, both physically and emotionally.

5. Hip Hop Dance @ Shake n’ Shape Studio


It almost sounds too good to be true. Shredding and shaping up by Hip Hop dancing. Shake n’ Shape is a ladies fitness and dance studio which holds all sorts of classes, including a Hip Hop dance class where you can basically forget you’re working out and sweat it all out as you learn the moves of street dance and urban culture.

6. Pregnancy Sport Classes @ Gold’s Gym


For the pregnant ladies out there, you don’t have to stop working out. Gold’s Gym offers Pregnancy Sport Classes that will help improve health of both mother and the baby. These classes assist you in strengthening the muscles, focusing on the lower half of the body for an improved labor. Also, the mother will find it easier to keep her weight steady, will have better sleeping patterns, reduce muscle cramps, and have an overall mood improvement.

7. BeFit @ The BeFit Arena



The great thing about BeFit is that it gives you a total body workout that strengthens your overall physical fitness and that you get to do it outdoors in a tennis court. The BeFit community is a very friendly one which will make you feel motivated to go for a workout.

8. CrossFit Stars @ Swan Lake Katameya


If you’re looking to lose fat, tone your muscles, or add muscle, then CrossFit Stars is the workout program for you. Their workout program also helps day-to-day activities such as lifting heavy objects or even smoothly jumping over fences.

9. Kickboxing @ Dragons Den


In the midst of Cairo’s busy streets in Dokki, you’ll find a small hub specifically designed for Martial Arts. It’s a venue for both beginner and advanced students where you’ll get specialized training with the renowned instructor Amr el Alfy. You’ll pick up first-rate techniques and simultaneously get a good workout out of it.

10. Cairo Runners @ streets of Cairo



For those who love the outdoors, consider the streets as your gym. Now Cairo isn’t the ideal place to go jogging on your own, which is where Cairo Runners comes into place. Every week they update their Facebook page with details of their next run.