Instead of giving in to the pressure and expectations of your partner this Valentine’s Day, surprise them. Do something actually romantic. Instead of buying a box of disgusting chocolates, already decaying flowers, and topping off your evening at an over-priced restaurant with a bunch of other couples having a ‘unique’ Valentine’s dinner, let’s inspire you a little this February.

Go to an art gallery and enjoy some art together. Better yet, go to an art gallery and make fun of all the art together. Bonus points if you make each other laugh so hard you get thrown out.

Find a cooking class and sign up. Then try recreating the dishes you just learnt at home together for an intimate meal. Or watch each other absolutely ruin everything and have an evening of chaos and messy fun.

couple cooking

So strolling along the corniche is a romantic Egyptian cliché, as old as the very Nile you’re cruising down. Walk around Coptic Cairo for some stunning history and architecture that often goes unexplored, and then take a night tour around the Khan.

On a historical note, go backpacking through the city and pretend to be a tourist for a day. Set yourself a budget, rough it a little and rediscover why you love Cairo and why you love the person you’re exploring it with.

It is a universally known fact that Cairo traffic sucks so hard. If you venture out a way though, Egypt’s full of some pretty awesome scenery to drive through and several close-by coast lines to choose from. If you have a motorbike, or know anyone kind enough to lend you theirs, there’s nothing like that adrenaline rush as you cruise down some beautiful roads with no one else around for miles.

couple driving

Go thrifting in Attaba or Boulak (for the braver of you). Challenge each other to find the most fashionable item for the cheapest price. You also have to wear said item for the rest of the day, so choose wisely. I promise it will become your new staple favorite by the end of the day, and you’ll never forget the time you bought it.

All these things sounding a bit too pro-active? Pick your favorite boxset, favorite fast-food weakness, and favorite person. Curl up for a movie marathon complete with commentary, and – let’s not pretend – probably pajamas.


By the way, all the above can be done on any day you’re feeling romantic or particularly fond of that special someone. You shouldn’t have to wait until February to show them you care and go all out stressing about proving it. No one needs that kind of pressure, and spontaneity is far more romantic.

Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!