Sometimes, when you’re tired of sitting home all day but still want some alone time, all you want to do is go somewhere and read. Being in Cairo, with all kinds of noises coming from God knows where, we think it’s safe to say that it’s quite difficult to find a nice, quiet spot where you can go and just lose yourself in a book.

Don’t fret though, we’ve compiled a list of some beautiful spots around Cairo where you can do just that. These gems are perfect for all our fellow bookworms out there, providing solace in the midst of the chaos of Cairo.

1- Greater Cairo Public Library

Tucked away in a villa in Zamalek, the Greater Cairo Public Library could be one of the best spots in Cairo to read or study. It has a vast collection of books, with around 170,000 Arabic books and 37,000 foreign ones. Whether you choose to sit in a room with a Nile view or the spacious basement, you will surely have an incredibly serene reading experience there.

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2- Diwan Bookstores

With more than three branches in Cairo, Diwan bookstores offer the ultimate reading experience with a coffeeshop right above the store. This means that you can buy your new obsession and start reading right away. They also hold events such as book signings and creative writing courses.

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3- Wadi Degla Protectorate

A nature protectorate located in Zahraa el Maadi with a spectacular desert view and a unique wildlife – It has numerous species of birds, reptiles, and even foxes. It presents itself as an ideal spot for nature lovers, without going outside the city, for only 3 LE. You can bring a blanket and find yourself a cozy spot in the shade to read your favorite book.

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4- Sufi Café


A bookshop that doubles as a café, located in Zamalek, presents itself as one of the best literary destinations. Headquartered in an old apartment, it’s divided into several rooms with numerous books for sale with the same prices as other bookstores. It’s perfect for coffee-loving readers looking for a cozy spot to chill.

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5- 3elbet Alwan:

A serve-yourself kind of café with a boho vibe that looks like someone’s attic. Often you’ll find the strangest things in this place – even an aquarium-like floor. It’s definitely a great place to come and chill and read a good book – and if you’re lucky enough, you might stumble upon an interesting event.

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6- El Kotob Khan

The literal translation of the name is “The Book Shop”. This gem is a hybrid between a cultural center and a bookshop and is located in Maadi. Similar to Diwan, it often hosts literary events such as book signings, creative writing courses, and sometimes film screenings.  It provides you with a quiet place to read, study, research, or work.

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Happy Reading!