1. Whites and colors need to be separated?



Doing laundry will definitely be an eye opening experience. You’ll never fully appreciate your previous easy life until you’re all out of clothes (and umm private clothes) and realize you have to be somewhere in 10 minutes. It’s also great to find that shirt that you previously loved is now ten times smaller. Nothing better to motivate you to lose weight.


2. What do you mean that plate can’t be put in the microwave?

God bless Egyptian mothers and their cooking. Nothing you cook will ever come close to what your mother has waiting for you when you visit. But you’ll realize that it’s much better to cook for yourself than to get junk and fast food – both for the comfort of your stomach and for your wallet.


3. This sweater costs thirty cartons of milk

The cost of anything takes a whole new light when money is limited and you can’t just go home and ask for some more. Sure, you’ll always have a way to get more (hopefully) but it’ll be a hassle and you’ll realize that you could possibly put in a little more effort and find a cheaper version somewhere else.


4. Can I Get a Triple Macchiato with Whipped Cream?

You might think that living alone means being anti-social but it usually means you put in extra effort to find others like you so you can complain about how the grocer downstairs only gives you a discount when you’re wearing a low-cut top. Not having anyone at home means that you’ll take your time getting back there. Run your errands, go out with friends, or even go to Starbucks for a little bit and do some homework there. You’ll be more active and it’ll apply to all parts of your life, instead of just sitting on your couch all night.



5. “Clean your room” – You learn the importance of prioritizing 

You get to decorate your own place with your own stuff. You’ll also be doing a lot of things just because you want to, not because somebody told you. You know what that means? That means you realize that you actually like cleaning without being nagged to do so. It also means that you’ll come up with your own routine and buy the groceries you like. And most importantly, you’ll find out who you are and what you like as an individual, whether it’s with a clutter, with junk food lying around, or with a dog. It’s your place. Get a dog if you want.