1.       “The dog ate my homework!”

Excuses, excuses…if you’re still in school for undergrad, you’re probably the oldest person in your class- so stop making them!

2.       Feeling obliged to have something exciting planned to do every Thursday night.

Stopped being a thing in high-school *yawn*

3.       Possessing  the exact same world view your parents raised you with.

Seriously, haven’t you had enough experiences away from them yet?

4.       Complaining.

Google “emotional maturity”

5.       Expecting to receive 3edeiyas….because you’re supposed to have a job by now!

6.       Not being well-traveled or not having plans of traveling within the next twelve months.

7.       Claiming to be “down with love!”

Half of your friends are pregnant, married or engaged. This I-never-want-to-date-speech is getting old and we all know it’s a lie.

8.       Demonstrating the emotional intelligence of a seven-year-old (or a teenager, for that matter).

9.       Allowing your life to revolve around another person or thing.

It’s cute that all your profile pictures involve the same three people but cut it down a little…we’re adults now.

10.   Damaging your relationship with a family member or another loved one.

The whole angsty thing got old a long time ago.

11.   Taking your physical appearance too seriously…

There are better things than calorie-counting to devote your time to.

12.   But keeping those pink highlights you DIYed after a drunken night at Tamarai/keeping your goatee too unkempt won’t work either.

No matter how cool you thought those highlights given the circumstances when you woke up on a stranger’s bathroom floor the next morning, they probably won’t get you hired.

13.   Allowing more than ten minutes of your day to be dedicated to whether or not Tante Sawsan had a baby/gained weight/ or how hideous her daughter looked in a red bikini when you bumped into her at Sahel  last summer.

Everyone has one- or several- Tante Sawsans in their life…and as ridiculously entertaining as it may be to gossip about the latest in their lives, there comes a point when, after being adults for long enough, you simply don’t have the time to bitch about Tante Sawsan as much as you’d like.

14.   Not thinking about those dreams that are bigger than your heart.

There’s this one thing that made your heart tick as you read this last sentence that you never had enough time to do while you were stuck in school…why not get around to doing it now?

15.   Judging people for listening to Taylor Swift when one of her recent tracks just might become the soundtrack of your year.

16.   Feeling bitter about where you went to college…

17.   Or the choices you made in college.

College is over. Get over it and make the most out of what is to come.

18.   Defining yourself by how much sex you are (or aren’t) having.

No other topic have we given far much more of our attention than it is worthy of receiving.

19.   Not living openly and honestly

Note: pretending to like your boss is an exception

20.   Not having a driver’s license…or driving like you’re playing go-carts (You’re an adult now. Slow down.)

21.   Not knowing how to cook your own food.

Although I’ve given up on that one myself!

22.   Stressing about getting your ID checked at bars or nightclubs you frequent, because you’re not just legal…you’re way past that!