We all know the frustration caused by suppressing our true emotions at work – whether they are towards bosses, clients, or coworkers. However, we’re forced by boundaries of professionalism to use terms that are more “work-appropriate.”

We gathered up a list of some of the phrases that are commonly used by everyone in the work environment, and translated them into what they really mean for your amusement… we’re pretty sure we can all relate to this.

What we say: Please Advise.
What we mean: You better answer me now.


What we say (to bosses): Sure, ok.
What we mean: I think you should go **** yourself.


What we say: As per our conversation.
What we mean: Haha, you’re the one who said it.


What we say: To whom it may concern.
What we mean: Don’t know, don’t care.


What we say: Kindly find attached.
What we mean: Don’t pretend you didn’t get it.


What we say: Due to unforeseen circumstances.
What we mean: Might as well forget about it.

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What we say: It is with my greatest pleasure/regrets.
What we mean: Scroll further for the important stuff.

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What we say: Thank you for your understanding.
What we mean: DEAL WITH IT!


What we say: Have a nice weekend.
What we mean: I beg all that is dear and holy to you, please don’t contact me for the next couple of days.


What we say: Good morning!
What we mean: Dear God, why am I here again?

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A prime example of individuals who are forced to use “professional” language are presidents and who’s a better example than the president of the United States.

With his term coming to an end, he thought he should end it with a bang.