Being stuck in traffic for hours on end is an all too familiar feat for each and every Egyptian. The only upside (if you’re a ‘glass half full’ – ‘look at the bright side’ kinda person), is that these are the times when we ‘unleash our creativity’ to make the road just that much more bearable. Here are some things you can do when stuck in the endless time-loop that is Cairo traffic.

Obsessively check every single social media site in existence, hoping that someone is active at the time and can therefore entertain you.


If that fails, call every single number in your phone-book in the hopes that someone will eventually pick up and keep you entertained.

Girl putting on lipstick

Train your voice for Karaoke Night and practice your vocal range as you sing (shout) along to the music playing in the car. No shame, guys.


Swear that you’ll never ever go to Zamalek (or Mohandessin, or Tagamo3, or anywhere) again (for the 85th time).


Have random stare-downs with neighbouring cars. Make sure they know not to mess with you.



Get out of the car, go to the nearest koshk, grab a drink and a snack, and get to know the owner. Don’t worry, you’ve got time.


Compile a mental list of all the things you hate about Cairo, which will make you hate the traffic you’re stuck in even more.


Play car games: read car plates hoping you’ll find a funny one or measure how long you can go for without touching the steering wheel…


Check out what the people in the cars next to you are doing. We’re all nosy, it’s OK. If you’re feeling especially creepy, you can take pictures of other cars/people, guess when that one guy in the car beside you will stop picking his nose, or scratching ‘down there’.


Create a detailed life plan – you’ll definitely have enough time to definitively plan the next 50 years of your life, down to every minute detail.


Does having a mental breakdown and crying count? We’d say so, yeah.


Read all of Prime’s posts because they’ll keep you entertained and the traffic jam will end before you know it.