There are numerous things that girls say but don’t mean…things that have a completely different meaning. Girls’ use of words with double entendres is the gender’s instinctive tool to socially interact. In light of that, we bring to you the most common 10 things that Egyptian girls say but don’t mean:

1- “Khasety
Surely you’ve heard girls compliment each other on weight loss but in most cases it’s in a context to eliminate awkwardness between girls that aren’t close. Or it’s used a conversation-filler in brief encounters.

2- “Wa7ashteeny
Words lose meaning and value when used repeatedly, usually emotion-related ones. Wa7ashteeny is a classic example of those words – Egyptian girls say it on all occasions, to everyone – to all their friends and most importantly even to people they despise.

3- “Gorgeous ya baby!”
I’m positive you’ve all noticed this comment on most girls’ profile pictures (even if the girl was nowhere near the neighborhood of gorgeous.)

4- “7elwa shantetek, kont hageeb zayaha”
This definitely applies to all clothing items; because who doesn’t know that it’s code for “your bag is hideous.”

5- “Akeed beyet2al
The comforting advice girls give each other concerning “guy situations.” If a girl is complaining to her best friend about how the guy she’s in love with stopped picking up when she already called 10 times… The loyal friend is likely to give the “akeed beyet2al” explanation (maybe even advise her to call for the 11th time “3ashen law beyt2al yeb2a bey7ebek“.)

6- “Mesh far2a ma3aya”
Guys, don’t fall for this one! Without further explanation, heya 3alatool far2a.

7- “3awza ab2a ashoofek
When used between girls, it’s absolutely not meant; it’s said as an attempt to be polite at the end of a quick conversation.

8- “Mesh za3lana wallahy
This is an indicator of trouble! It plainly means, “ask me again and I’ll vent to you.” In some cases, it might mean “el mawdou3 dah mesh hay3ady” (depending on the situation.)

9- “kont lessa hakalemek!
Sob7an Allah every single person a girl bumps into happens to be someone she was planning on calling…

10- “Enta awel wa7ed 2a2olo”
If a girl has ever told you that before telling you a story, you’re probably the last to know it. (Also if it’s in a text, she most likely has  a template for it.)

We can proudly say that we are a gender that tends to sugarcoat but from time to time we can point out how hilarious it can get.