The sky looks frightful and even if you close the curtains and stay indoors, the sound of the storm raging outside is like something out of a horror movie, especially if you’re unlucky enough to live / work somewhere with a front row view of the desert. Bitching about the weather will only keep you entertained for so long though, so here are 10 other things to keep you occupied until this whole thing blows over. Whatever you decide to do, try not to breathe too much.

1. Give everybody staring out of their window something more interesting to watch. Sand gets boring after a while.

Jump Around

2. Practice blowing Os. Learn this and you’re guaranteed to be the most impressive person in any room you step into.

Smoke Rings

3. Kick off your rap career and show the world your swag.


4. Ponder on life’s deep questions.

Deep Questions

5. Get all dressed up and go out anyway because there’s no way you’re letting a bit of sand cramp your style.

Dressed Up

6. Trippy music and pretty sand patterns.


7. Run wild in the supermarket. You’ll be the only customer there, make the most of it.

Cereals 2

8. Open a bunch of YouTube tutorials and work on your dance moves. If Miley can kind of twerk, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to too.

Youtube Dance

9. Unburden your conscience. You’re going to be stuck indoors with a bunch of people for an extended period of time which means they’ll have to forgive you eventually.


10. Laugh your ass off to some of our funniest articles