Let’s face it…technology dominates our lives. Whether we’re streaming shows online, checking our Facebook newsfeed, or posting pictures of our food on Instagram, there’s always a part of us engaging in the virtual world. Technology’s become an essential part of our lifestyle to the extent where we fail to realize that it’s become an addiction. In fact, many of us fail to last more than fifteen minutes without checking our phones. If you only gave it a chance, you realize that when you unplug:

1)   You’re much more productive.


Writing an essay or studying for an upcoming exam would probably take half as much time without your phone constantly vibrating and serving as a huge distraction.

2)   You pay more attention to the people around you.


Instead of having half a conversation with the person physically in front of you and half with your best friend halfway across the world via WhatsApp, you’re able to fully listen to the person who’s speaking to you.

3) You get around to doing the things you put off the most.


Whether it’s cleaning your room, organizing your closet, or downloading that list of songs you’ve had saved for months now, there’s always something to be done and you’ll find that you finally get around to doing it when your technology isn’t a constant distraction.

4)   Hanging out with your friends is more fun.


Let’s face it, we’ve all been in those situations where you’ll be sitting with five other people staring at their phones – you just feel obliged to do the same and no one ends up speaking a word for the next hour or so. Taking away your phones would inevitably lead to odd conversations that wouldn’t have happened otherwise…try it.

5)   You’re not as good of a speller as you thought you were.


6)   You’re not that good at mental math either.


7)   You feel a bit vulnerable, like a part of you is missing.


8)   Everything’s strangely quiet and it makes you a bit uncomfortable.


9)   You’re much more relaxed.


You actually have time to think, which you never would get otherwise since whenever you’re free you can just get on any social media platform and waste hours at a time.

10) Unplugging is a nice change and all, but you’d really rather be stalking people’s Instagram accounts and catching up on your shows.