Angry about getting ready for an outing that ended up being cancelled last minute? Drowning in boredom because everyone is all of a sudden to busy for a quick hangout?

Being alone should not necessarily mean staying at home – here’s a list of all the great things you never thought you could enjoy doing alone.

Going to the movies  

Yes, you will see couples and groups of friends engaging in laughter all around you, but let’s get one thing straight – if you can’t enjoy your own company, how can you expect others to? Treat yourself to a more authentic cinematic experience and ditch your plans to watch a movie online.

Dining out

When was the last time you had a great meal alone? Take yourself out on a date and enjoy the adventure of exploring new types of food around the city.



One thing is certain here – when you travel alone, you’ll never really be alone. Who knows how interesting the person sitting next to you on the flight will be? Never limit yourself to your own socializing skills – if you’re not social, others are. Let them approach you and go with the flow.



You really don’t need other people for that.


Going for a walk

Unlike all the movies and shows we watch daily, walking isn’t only fun when you’ve got someone’s hand to cling on to. Strap on your running shoes and go for a silent walk on your own, cleansing your mind of incessant and mundane human interactions.


Visiting your country’s touristic sites & going to cultural events

Not everyone knows how to appreciate the arts, for example. Your friends are fun and all, but some visits aren’t just meant for everyone. Go enjoy a ballet show or a beautiful dramatic performance for a few soul-redeeming hours.


Cruising around

As much as you may enjoy singing a duet with your friends at the top of your lungs while cruising around the city streets, you must admit that driving alone gives you the space and time to think. For an enjoyable cruise, try going out on a Friday morning for traffic free streets.



Yes, shopping with others is fun but, fact is, you accomplish so much more on your own. You know what you’re aiming for and you know what you like, which makes targeting shops much easier and helps you depend on your own opinion for a change.


Working out

You don’t need a gym buddy to start enjoying working out. In fact, when you work out alone, you generate all your focus on what your body needs and you start challenging the limits of your own muscles, instead of those of your gym-partner.


Taking classes

Whether it’s a dance class, a language one, or even an art one, you don’t need a friend to keep you company. Take some time to explore sides of yourself you never knew existed before you expose them to someone else.


Being alone, and feeling lonely are two completely different things. Some people feel alone within a crowd and some feel lonely when they’re on their own. It’s about time you realize that you are the only companion you need.




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