Christmas is a great holiday, even for those who don’t celebrate Christmas. Once that time of the year hits, there’s just bound to be a little bit of surprise for everyone. So what is it that we love about Christmas? There are lots of things to love about Christmas, my friends…

1.  Knowing that it’s officially Winter

Okay so maybe not that kind of winter…

I don’t know what it is, but I don’t really feel winter until Christmas hits. Maybe it’s the colorful decorations that give that festive feel, or maybe it’s that everyone’s wrapped in scarves and beanies holding hot drinks and talking about the upcoming holidays.

 2. That New Year’s is in just a Few Days

Whether you’re looking for a party or a place to escape to, you’ll find it and you’ll get it because it’s a New Year and you should go for what you’re after.

 3. Those friends who are super festive

They make Christmas dinners, they bake Christmas cookies and give some to everyone, they might even surprise you with a Christmas gift. It’s all cute until they begin playing Christmas songs in their car when you’re stuck on the road though.

4. Christmas Decorations

The ones that those stores in Cairo put up and don’t take down until around the end of April. And of course, Christmas trees, especially if it’s put up in someone’s house or in your office.

5. Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows

Whenever I hear Christmas, I think of hot cocoa before I think of Santa Claus and Christmas decorations, which shows that chocolate has done a better job at marketing itself than Santa did. I mean, I’d definitely rather snuggle in bed with a cup of hot cocoa than I would with Santa.

6. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is basically a Christmas game in which a group of people pick out each other’s name at random out of a hat, and everyone’s required to buy a Christmas gift for the person they get. It could be done over the span of three days so that when they finally reveal themselves at the end it comes as a cool surprise, like oh wow you got me stuff.

7. That there are two Christmases in Egypt

I mean, what other country gets to have a Christmas, then New Year’s, and then another Christmas? And another Islamic New Year’s waiting down the line? We fi a3yad fil nos kaman.

8. Sales

Go to the mall and you’ll find racks of clothes with items misplaced in different sections. Scavenge well enough and you’re bound to find something that you’ll absolutely love for half price. Or something that’s going to stay untouched in your closet since you only bought it for 20 EGP from H&M.

9. Finding Santa and Santa’s Elves in random places


Especially those tiny little Santa’s elves in Virgin at City Stars. Amazing.

10. The Nutcracker Ballet at Cairo Opera House

The Nutcracker Ballet is a beautiful performance done at the Cairo Opera House every Christmas. The recital is about a girl who has a doll that turns into a prince. The rest gets pretty interesting. You can buy tickets online for the show which will be held from the December 25-30 at 8:00 pm.