Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, you can’t avoid it. February 14th will roll by and everyone will end up doing something, whether it’s in the name of Valentine’s or not.

Here are the 10 types of people you’ll meet on Valentine’s day. Which one are you?

1. The lovebirds

This one’s easy. You’ll find these everywhere, from the couple in your group of friends that always go around with their own package of inside jokes, to the male relative that insists on taking his girlfriend out every year. Lovebirds are specimens that are known to be particularly affectionate. They’ll probably be in a restaurant somewhere or doing their own private things.

2. The single people

Who will be passed out drunk in a singles house party somewhere. You guys know yourselves. There’s alcohol, a bunch of single people, and music. And you don’t care if you look like an idiot air guitaring in the center of the living room, because it’s great being single.

3. People working on their phones

It’s Valentine’s and it’s a Saturday, which means everyone’s looking for something to do or somewhere to be. Your inbox is full of emails and notifications from your clients’ customers, wondering what time the Valentine’s party starts, or how much the massage promotions are. And you have to reply to them, because that’s the purpose of your job.

4. The group of girls who decide to have a movie night in

Popcorn, pjs, movies, and whatever additional equipment you’d need to have the ideal girls’ night in, apparently.

5. The percentage of that group of girls who wake up the next day with sore muscles or a headache

The sleepover night turned too dull and serious, and now everyone’s standing on a piece of furniture, dancing and chanting “FUCK VALENTINE’S” over and over again.

6. Pampering or spoiling themselves at the Salon

Meh, who cares about Valentine’s. Everyone’s out somewhere doing something, but that night it’s me time for this group of people.

7. The Prowlers

You know those people who ask how come you’re not doing anything for Valentine’s as if it was a casual slip up of a question. They’ll be prowling in corners, your friends’ friend who’ll be adding you on Facebook in a few days.

8. Birthday Boy/Girl

I don’t know, I’ve personally never met anyone whose birthday is on Valentine’s. What do they usually end up doing?

9. Those unaware of Valentine’s

They’re the same type of people who also tend to forget that it’s their birthday.

10. Foodies

Valentine’s Day. Another reason to guiltlessly eat all the ice cream.