Ancient Egyptians have always been a mystery to humanity worldwide. Fortunately, as time passes, we get more insight into the astounding secrets of their culture.

We bring you 10 of the weirdest and quirkiest facts about our ancestors that will blow your minds away!

1. Problems with ants and flies? No worries, slaves will keep them busy!

The longest serving Pharaoh in the history of ancient Egypt, Pepi II, used to paint his slaves’ naked bodies with honey to attract nearby insects, successfully luring them away from his Royal Highness.

2. Egyptians do it better…with magic?

The first ever execution recorded in the history of mankind took place in Egypt. It is said to have been accomplished using poison and magic.

3. Figuring out the sex of your baby? Psshht…Egyptians knew it epochs ago!

Identifying a baby’s gender is so 200 B.C. Pharaohs used to find out an unborn child’s sex by making pregnant women pee on wheat or malt seeds. If the wheat grew, then it was a boy. If the malt grew, then it was a girl.

4. Speaking of creeps…

Curiosity was certainly one of the most protruding characteristics of Ancient Egyptians, and it is no surprise that they turned out to be the first to ever examine corpses and perform operations to mummify the dead, keeping their organs preserved.

5. Dead ancient King with no passport? No problem.

The French government printed a passport in 1974 just for the corpse of the (very) late King of Egypt, Ramses II. His occupation was enlisted as: “dead king.”

6. Forget about the UFC…this is the ultimate sport.

Ancient Egyptians used to enjoy a monstrous traditional sport, where rivals would crash into each other on boats and fall in a lake full of alligators. The winner is the one who can drown all of his competitors.

7. The royal parents of his Highness Tutankhamen… were actually siblings!

Marriage between family members, and even siblings, was mainstream in the time of King Tutankhamen. It was no big deal that his parents were actually brother and sister – which explains the gene complications he was born with.

8. Salad was thought to be sexually arousing.

It was strongly believed that mixing salad with “sperm” was a natural sexual booster, as well as onions, which priests were very cautious of having frequently.

9. No birth control pills? That’s okay, crocodiles are there to help!

Ancient Egyptian women used to apply crocodile poop mixed with honey in their private parts as a way to avoid pregnancy.

10. Dead corpse…alive?

The mummified corpse of King Tutankhamen was found with a prominent erection. The reason behind it is still debatable, but speculations state that the Egyptians buried him this way as to symbolize the God Osiris’s regenerative powers.