The One Who’s Just Too Cool For School

gif dres to impress

These people always have their cigarettes and a Virgin Mojito in hand. You can call them the ‘casual observers’ – they watch everyone around them get drunk as they look unimpressed and give side-eye.

El Bylbes El 7eta Eli 3al 7abl

giphy dress to impress

They’re always dressed to impress. Their mother got them this outfit last summer on her way back from the States and they haven’t had a chance to wear it yet. It’s usually very brand-y, so don’t you dare spill your drink on them or you won’t live to see your next ByGanz party.

The Instagram Junkie


She’s in the emptiest spot in the venue at the beginning of the party trying to get the perfect angle. 10 pictures are a minimum in order to choose the best one, do a quick edit (which filter should she use?) and post to insta – tagged with the location, of course, so everyone knows where she is.

The One Who’s ALWAYS ‘Fashionably Late’

late gif

Everyone has partied their little hearts out and sweated all their make-up off when this specimen rocks up – shiny as a new penny, getting ready to party when everyone’s ready to leave. What can we say? The ‘no-sense-of-time’ gene is in every Egyptian’s DNA.

The Pointers

giphy pointers

As soon as the camera flashes, the hands are raised and the fingers are pointed. The drink and cigarette are plastered to their hands all night long, and you can find them in almost all pictures of the night. They live for a good photo-op.

The One Who ODs on Redbull

giphy Redbull

There’s nothing worse than being around someone on a sugar and caffeine-high at a party. Redbull is their best friend and their alcohol substitute for the whole night. You’ll catch them crawling up the walls, trying to drag people to get up and DANCE.

The Snapchatters


Their Snap Story can reach a ground-breaking 500 seconds, and their need to share every moment of their night with their friends has reached an all time high. Their phone is glued to their hands all night, but without them, none of us would know what the inside of a club looks like. Thanks, guys!

El Makhboteen


All they want to do is stand next to, and sometimes sit on, the speakers. Their goal is to be ‘inside’ the music. In their heads, they’re the only ones at the party and they ignore everyone else. They stick around the whole night, and after the party you’ll find them yelling at their friends because they’ve ruptured an eardrum.

El Melaza2


He went to the party on his own in the hopes of going home with a girl too drunk to see his face. He’s pretty sleazy, ‘accidentally’ rubs up against women, has his deep-vee popping out his chest hair, and assumes the girls who reject him are all lesbians.

El M2avwar

barfing gif

They get to the party at 11 pm, and by 12, they take up permanent residence in one of the bathroom stalls. Their friends will take shifts checking up on them until they leave.