1. M83 – Intro (Ft. Zola Jesus). Album: Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming!

These guys are getting popular day after day with their dreamy, atmospheric electronic music; M83 has taken synthesizers and keyboards to a whole other level.

2. NAS – No Introduction. Album: Life is Good.

Maybe this one is not an intro by definition but it sure sounds like one. The orchestral-like hip-hop beat with NAS telling us bits and pieces about his personal life got me totally excited about the rest of the album.

3. Linkin Park – Announcement Service Public. Album: LP Underground 6

A rocking start to their sixth Underground album. They say if you play this backwards you get to hear some funny lyrics. I’ll let you find out yourself.

4. Lupe Fiasco – Ayesha Says. Album: The Great American Rap: Food and Liquor II Part I

Ayesha is actually Lupe’s sister and she’s known for doing his music intros (just like in his album The Cool and the earlier version of Food and Liquor). This one is more poetic and has more to do with racism than anything else. Lupe wanted Food and Liquor II to be something else!

5. Alt-J – Intro. Album: An Awesome Wave.

This is the only album they’ve released so far. Alt-J is an English indie rock band and one of the upcoming hits, if you ask me, with Radiohead-like style but with more electric guitar. These guys are definitely worth it.

6. Bonobo – Prelude. Album: Black Sands

Bonobo recently became one of my favorite electronic music producers. He tends to adopt a chill style with perfect sound choice and tight, uplifting beats. This is the intro to his 2010 album, which is possibly his most influential work.

7. The XX – Intro. Album: xx

I think this is one of the most popular intros ever. xx was released five years back and its fame is probably mostly due to its intro. Great music is all I have to say about this.

8. Ludacris – Intro. Album: Theater of the Mind.

This was his 6th album and it’s still my favorite so far. A tight beat with an orchestral touch featuring Ludacris’ fast rap is all you need to get excited.

9. Linkin Park – Wake. Album: Minutes to Midnight.

This one is a bit shorter and starts off really quiet and then BANG! The way Linkin Park use their guitars has always been admirable.

10. Kanye West – Good Morning. Album: Graduation.

Kanye has received criticism for his latest works but this one still stands as a great hip-hop album and is probably one of his best works so far. I used to listen to this while playing Battlefield II (which is a weird combination I know!) Still, I enjoyed every single song in this album.